Lemons, Please!

     I’ve always been one to take out my lemon and rudely set it on the table when the server puts it in my water.  If I wanted lemon, I would have ordered lemonade.  However, I have been reading interesting articles and found numerous sources to tell me that I should actually be begging the server for lemons.  I had no idea that lemon juice in water was actually good for you and offered numerous health benefits.  Lemons have a high amount of vitamins and minerals.  They are rich in vitamin C, which during the cold season is great for the immune system.  For all of you older folks, lemon can actually help reduce heartburn by increasing your body’s production of more bile that helps with digestion. 

     Not only does adding lemon to your water help your body on the inside, but it also improves the way you look and smell!  The vitamin C does more than helps prevent you from getting sick; it is also great for getting clear skin.  It helps with wrinkles and blemishes.  Lemon juice cleanses the blood of toxins, which in return helps to clear up skin.  Are you curious as to how it helps you smell better?  No, you don’t rub the lemon all over you (which I mean I guess you could…).  Drinking lemon water freshens your breath!  Too much of the citric acid could potentially erode the enamel on the teeth, but just small amount will help relieve toothaches and decrease gingivitis.

     The main reason I will now be asking for lemon is because lemon can help with weight loss.  Pectin fiber controls hunger cravings, and lemons have a high level of this stuff.  My advice would be to drink a full glass of lemon water every morning and before every meal.  This way it is easier to have control while eating.  Also, lemons are a natural diuretic.  So make sure you don’t have to go sit through a long meeting right after you drink it.  When life hands you lemons say “THANK YOU!” and drink up.






About alexacutler

Hi! My name is Alexa Cutler and I go to Oklahoma State University. I am always on the lookout for new ways to get in shape and different health tips. Hopefully my blog will help some of ya'll!
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One Response to Lemons, Please!

  1. Chase says:

    Wonderful blog! I told my wife about this and now our whole family is getting lemons in our water all the time! We have noticed a lot less sickness and increased energy. Thanks AlexaFitTips!

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